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I just went through the video archive of the last AKA party land decorating coach holiday in Prague, and came across this video.

It’s a video for you with a little trick you can use to * pimp * up * the conversations you have with a woman.

Teach A Woman To Decorate With A Volley Of Statements

You will learn in the video:

– How to make short statements longer

– Decorating a woman with a volley of statements

How to make her feel like you’ve figured her out

Now click on the video to find out how to pick up a woman by unleashing a burst of statements on her.

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vto6WZdpXdg )
Funny huh:]

A Woman Decorating With Cold Reads

This little trick is very simple. For those who have not watched the video:

A problem many men have is that how they pick up a woman is sometimes like an interview. As a solution, we have come up with something nice:

Bullshit Statements.(also called cold reads)

Make a statement from every question you want to ask a woman (How old are you >>> You look like you just turned 18)

This makes for a real conversation rather than a question and answer game.

To make this even more effective, many successful men make long bursts of statements. Instead of one short sentence, you turn it into a long monologue. You fire statement after statement on her, in a long sense.

How do you do it:? Example:

“You have such a stylish look, also a bit of a hipster, although you don’t seem like such a shy type, but more someone who opens her mouth when she gets out of her shell, and lets you know what likes them. ”

Read the above again.

As you can see, it is very vague, full of contradictions, and everyone can agree with it. That is precisely the intention. Because what you say is so broad, there is always something that touches her that makes her feel like you understand her completely.

From now on if you are going to pick up a woman and approach her, think about this trick and you will have a lot more results.

I’m going to grab a nice breakfast here, check you next week.



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